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Saratoga Spas

Hot Tubs And Spas in all sizes at Saratoga

When discovering Saratoga Spas you will learn that Redefining Hydrotherapy is a journey, not a destination. When looking at technology, what may have worked in the past may not have the same impact in the present. When looking at the curing and health benefits of water, some things never change.

Saratoga Springs, New York has been a place of relief and rejuvenation for over 100 years. Saratoga Spas continues that tradition today, and allows what was once only for a few people to enjoy now allows anyone to have the ability to place this soaking experience in his or her own home.

Though nothing replaces the soaking benefits of hot water, new technology has allowed the journey of Redefining Hydrotherapy to be much more specific for the relief of a tired body and soul.


The Luxury Spas
Luxury Spas
Ultimate in Hydrotherapy

The Saratoga Spa Luxury Line still provides the ultimate in hydrotherapy as well as state-of-the-art conveniences. Through multiple styles, size options, and performance the Luxury Line will provide value and the confidence that you have made the right decision. The tradition of the Luxury Line is for all those who enjoy a little pampering from a busy life.



The Special Edition Spas

Special Edition Spas

Saratoga Spas® offers three Special Edition models that provide a strong value to price. They are models that offer a great balance of size, therapy and special features as part of their standard design. Ask your dealer for details and availability on these Special Edition models.

NOTE: Special Edition models, styles, and features not available at all times during the year model styles may change or be discontinued so see your dealer for availability.



The Cottage Spas

Cottage Spas

Saratoga Spas® offers two Cottage Spa models that provide a strong value to price. Ask your dealer for details and availability on these Cottage Spas models.