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Consultation/Construction Process


So what can you expect during the pool design phase?

When you initially call Pools by Richard, you’ll be put in contact with Ted Richard or Ted Richard, Jr., and you’ll have the opportunity to discuss your pool needs. Once we’ve determined your needs, we’ll schedule an at-home consultation to get more information.

During the at-home visit, we’re looking to get a better understanding of a number of factors – including the layout of your backyard, what you’re looking to incorporate into your backyard and where it’s going to go.

After we’ve established the scope of your project, it’s time for us to go back and create your backyard plans. We’ll present them to you at a follow-up meeting to ensure we’ve captured exactly what you’re looking to achieve, leaving you with an outdoor oasis you will enjoy for years to come.

After the design stage is complete, it’s time to begin construction!

Building Custom Pools & Spas in Providence, Newport & Westerly

The pool construction process can be daunting if you don’t know what to expect. At Pools By Richard, we keep you informed through every step while personally ensuring that each phase is completed to the high standards you deserve.


On location for a new pool and separate spa – starting to prepare for excavation.


Digging and setting forms for the spa are underway.

Steel & Plumbing

Reinforcing steel rebar, forms for the gunite pool, and plumbing are being completed.

Pool Gunite Shell

High-pressure sprayed gunite is applied to form the pool shell.

Spa Gunite Shell

Spa gunite interior is completed and rough troweled.

Stonework & Pavers

Paver deck during installation and stone finish on the spa exterior walls.

Detail Deck Wall

A raised bond beam is constructed above the tile line on deep end of pool.

Spa Finish

Spa interior finish is applied with waterline tile already in place.

Pool Finish

Pool interior finish is being applied and hand troweled.

Pool Interior Complete

Finishing touches on the pool interior surface.

Fire Pit and Spa

Outdoor fire pit during construction. Spa is completed and filled with water.

Patio Features Complete

Pool, fire pit, spa and deck awaiting fence and landscaping.

Privacy Wall

Raised bond beam detail view.

Completed Pool

Finished pool with fence and landscaping in place.


Pure enjoyment and adventure including fun under a Jandy Sheer Descent waterfall feature.